Wednesday, January 28, 2015

IntelliJ - the intelligent and best IDE for Java Based Projects (such as Grails)

Based on my personal experience, the advantages of using IntelliJ than other IDEs are:

  1. Support for frameworks and languages such as Grails, Groovy (and more)
  2. Support for debugging grails is amazing
  3. Visual data/class model presentation

  4. The 'double shift' searching finds anything in your project with fast speed and accuracy
  5. Generating Controllers and Views can not be easier.
  6. Faster than Eclipse/STS/GGTS
  7. Consumes less memory than  Eclipse/STS/GGTS
  8. Do not crash as much
  9. The look and feel is magnificent (specially the 'Dark' View)

Check out the comparisons presented below.!topic/scala-ide-user/HmVOegbz6_8