Thursday, June 12, 2014

Using Custom Fonts in Grails

I want to include a custom font and I created a folder under web-app and named it 'fonts' and I copied my font to that folder. Then,

1. I added the fonts folder to be included as a grails resource in Config.groovy like:

 // What URL patterns should be processed by the resources plugin  
      grails.resources.adhoc.patterns = ['/images/*', '/css/*', '/js/*', '/plugins/*', '/fonts/*']  
     grails.resources.adhoc.includes = ['/images/**', '/css/**', '/js/**', '/plugins/**', '/fonts/**']  

2. Since I'm using Spring security plugin for grails, I added the 'fonts*' folder to 'permitAll' category of Requestmap.

  // Request map Stored in Database

 for (String url in [  
      '/', '/index', '/index.gsp', 'favicon.ico',  
      'js*', 'css*', 'images*', 'fonts*',  
      '/login', '/login*//**',  
       '/logout', '/logout*//**'  
      ]) {  
      Requestmap.findOrSaveByUrlAndConfigAttribute(url, 'permitAll').save()